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“With a track-record of over 30 years in the Legacy market we are proud to have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of finality solutions. For each transaction we undertake we look to combine an innovative approach with deep expertise. Since 2009, R&Q has completed over 130 transactions in nearly 40 regulatory jurisdictions.”

Andrew Pinkes
Global Legacy CEO

R&Q is a non-life global speciality insurance company operating two core, highly complementary, businesses: Program Management and Legacy Insurance. Both these businesses are leaders in markets with high barriers to entry and significant growth opportunities. Legacy Insurance generates profits and capital extractions from expert management of legacy non-life insurance portfolios. Program Management generates commission income from its licensed (and rated) carriers in the US, EU and the UK, writing niches and profitable program business, largely on behalf of highly rated reinsurers.

Our Team

Our team consists of over 100 run-off professionals across the globe are focused on providing bespoke risk and capital solutions, including finality options, within expedient time frames.

Global Platform

With A- carriers in the US, admitted across all States, and in Malta, with all non-life licences and freedom of services across the EU and a branch in the UK, the Group is able offer a broad variety of solutions dependent upon our clients' requirements and jurisdiction.

The Group also has consolidation vehicles in the Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cayman, Vermont and Oklahoma.

National Legacy Insurance Company is the Group’s consolidation vehicle in Oklahoma that completed the first successful Insurance Business Transfer (IBT) between two unrelated carriers pursuant to the recent legislation enacted in that State.

Gibson Re

Gibson Re is our dedicated reinsurance sidecar that allows us to offer third party investors attractive and uncorrelated returns, and provides a consistent source of capital to support the solutions we offer to our counterparties.

Launched in September 2021, Gibson Re is a Bermuda-domiciled collateralised reinsurer with c.$300 million of long-term third-party capital underpinning our ability to deploy capital and offer innovative legacy solutions. Gibson Re reinsures 80% of R&Q's legacy transactions with R&Q retaining 20%. This structure closely aligns the interests of R&Q and Gibson Re investors, while also enabling R&Q to grow its Legacy Insurance business.

R&Q’s ability to raise capital for Gibson Re from a range of sophisticated institutional investors is testament to the strength, track-record, and reputation of our Legacy Insurance franchise. In the last 10 years alone, we have completed over 130 transactions across 38 regulatory jurisdictions. Gibson Re transaction was recognised in the recent Trading Risk Awards as 'Non-Life Transaction of The Year'.

The Group completed 17 transactions during 2021, comprising 3 novations, 6 reinsurance transactions, 4 acquisitions, 2 IBT, 1 RITC and 1 ADC.

Between 2009 and 31 December 2021 we completed 136 transactions in 39 regulatory jurisdictions (click here for transaction detail).